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Optical imaging lens set


  • Achromatic cemented lens, diameter: Φ70mm, Φ100mm, Φ140mm,

  • Two or three lenses combination, linear zoom,

  • AR coatings, high resolution and low imaging distortion,

  • Crystal-clear image/lightspot,

  • Good for high-power LED gobo projector, profile spotlight, follow spotlight, etc.

LED required: COB with luminous surfacce   ≤Φ22mm, LED matrix module

Converging lens set: IMMDX6672 (for COB), can be customized

Iris: ≤Φ60mm

Angle option:

  • fixed focus: 19°, 26°, 36°,

  • varifocus: 9~21°, 10~24°, 12~27°, 15~30°, 18~32°, 19~40°,

Uniformity of spot: maximum to 90%

Imaging distortion: minimum to 1%

IMM80&IMM60 profile lighting light path diagram光路示意图用于画册-英文_00.jpg

Buy the converging lens set here:

IMMDX6672 (this is suitable for COB)

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